Canto Bight Players Club

The Chance Cube’s Competitive Star Wars: Destiny Team

The team’s primary goal will be to represent The Chance Cube in the realm of Star Wars: Destiny competition. It was formed by players with a dedication to help each other build better, more successful decks within the realm of competitive play, and, through their efforts, strive to uphold the values and philosophies of The Chance Cube while creating a positive experience for players at competitive events.  You can also check out their podcast on The Chance Cube’s podcast channel.

The Canto Bight Players Club Team:

Mat Cousineau, team captain (Sudbury, ON)
Disso (San Antonio, TX)
Kaldin Ficklan (Somerville, NJ)
Jenna Marion (Brantford, ON)
Seth Taylor (Ogden, UT)
Steve Cassell (Toronto, ON)
Daniel Cassell (Toronto, ON)
Dominic Patton (Paducah, KY)
Demetrius Patton (Paducah, KY)

Team Accomplishments:

National Champions

2018 Canadian National Championship, Champion
2018 Canadian National Championship, Top 4

Regional Championships

2018 Atlanta Regional Championship, Champion
2018 Toronto Regional Championship, Champion
2018 Las Vegas Regional Championship, Champion
2018 Hamilton Regional Championship, Champion
2018 Hamilton Regional Championship, Top 2
2018 Hamilton Regional Championship, Top 8
2017 Austin Regional Championship, Top 4

Galactic Qualifyer

2018 SxSW Standard, Final Table (5-1)

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