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Card Dissection: Jar Jar Binks (LG47)

A long time ago, somewhere on Earth, George Lucas himself sat crafting what would be known as the Prequel Trilogy, with such hits as The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith (don’t even get me started on sand). But not only did we get new movies, but new characters including the dearly beloved (please note the sarcasm), Jar Jar Binks (LG47). The Gungan, the myth, the legend, was recently announced in the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny –Legacies set.

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The Process to Create Fan Alt Art Star Wars Destiny Cards

At a past Store Championship event I placed in the top 8 for the first time and in that great event I received an alt art card that was based on Obi Wan Kenobi (SOR27). After see this card I knew I was hooked on the look and idea of Fan Alt Art Star Wars: Destiny Cards that played to exactly what the players were looking for or did not even know they were looking for. I wanted to know more about the process and what it takes to make these cards, to start I spoke with the man behind organizing and running the Store Championship at Game On in Prescott, Arizona. Russell Carroll has a great deal of knowledge in regards to creating and producing these cards and I asked him to explain the process in his own words.

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Trials Worthy of Any Jedi, FFG Introduces New Organized Play Formats

Star Wars Destiny Organized Play Formats

Awakenings introduced us all to Star Wars: Destiny, the beginning of our path as mere Padawans (the good kind, not the kind that kills younglings and/or whines about sand; seriously, who wants to sound like that guy?). Our trials in this instance are the new Organized Play Formats that Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) introduced today, merely weeks after announcing Star Wars: Destiny – Rivals, which unveiled the new draft style format. While many enjoy the current format there are those with many questions that leave them either excited or skeptical, such as what are these new formats, why are they needed, how will we keep everything organized? Well my young Padawan learner, let’s dive in!

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Introducing Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Sets

Have you heard the news? A new way of playing Star Wars: Destiny is on the way just over a week after Legacies was announced! Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced Star Wars: Destiny – Rivals, allowing for a draft system to be used bringing about another evolution to gameplay. The Draft system is kicked off with a special Draft set called Rivals as pictured below. There are 20 cards within the Draft Set that are meant to supplement the booster packs you would pull from draft and sealed play events. These sets come with characters, supports, upgrades, and events of every color, giving you the ability to build a deck for Draft and Sealed events.

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Star Wars: Destiny Australian National Championship

Saturday, October 7th marked the Star Wars:Destiny Australian National Championship with a field of 99 participants. The results of Australia’s tournament truly speaks to the meta that we are in post-Empire at War and with the addition of the Two Player Box. First place was won by Blake Moody who was piloting eFN-2199 (SR2) and eKylo Ren (TP1), which is currently at the top of the meta, with many speculating that Fn-2199 will soon see a nerf to his ability. Within the top 10 of the tournament, four of the decks piloted were eFN-2199 and eKylo Ren, take a look below to see the top 10 from Saturday’s event.

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Legacies Coming to Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars Destiny Legacies

Introducing Star Wars: Destiny – Legacies

In September, Fantasy Flight Games launched Star Wars: Destiny – Empire at War. Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new set of boosters and starter sets coined Legacies. While many players are still getting into the groove of Empire at War, we now have a new series of characters, upgrades, supports, and events to wrap our heads around in anticipation of the unknown release date of Star Wars: Destiny – Legacies.

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Card Dissection: Mace Windu (EW34)

Let’s get this party started (get it? Because Mace apparently doesn’t like parties and his most famous line is “This party’s over” (in Star Wars, that is)). Ok, I will stop with the terrible puns, but let’s get right down to it. Empire at War has been revealed and the first card I was excited to see was, you got it, Mace Windu. Every since I saw him in Attack of the Clones I knew he was a bad ass; how else do you live in a galaxy far far away wielding a purple lightsaber and not be a bad ass. Not only does Mace show up on his own card, but he is also on Master of the Council (EW36) (we will get back to that card in a minute), which is saying something as he beat out Yoda for that card. But what has me most excited is the potential for Mace.

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Star Wars Destiny First Experience and Store Championships

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the great game that is Star Wars: Destiny. Prior to Destiny, my experience was extended to games such as Magic: The Gathering and Magi-Nation. The greatest draw to me was that, for once, there was a game that was Star Wars-based that I could recognize and fully get behind without having to feel like I was lost in lore. From the beautiful artwork to the easy-to-follow gameplay, not to mention the great people I have met along the way, my experience with Star Wars: Destiny has been a treat.

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