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How That Works: Resolving Dice “Ranged or Melee Damage”

Resolving a die showing ranged or melee damage is an attack, and will result in either loss of health from your opponent’s characters or loss of shields. You may resolve any and all dice you choose showing the same symbol. In this case, EITHER the ranged damage symbol (blaster) OR melee damage symbol (lightsabers). Meaning, if you have 4 dice showing ranged damage, you could choose to only resolve 1,2,3 or 4 of them. It does not have to be all-or-nothing.

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How That Works: “Game Setup”

With this edition of “How That Works,” I’ll be taking it back to the basics for new players, and even experienced players that may not realize they were doing something out of order. For instance, for the longest time, I would roll to see who got the highest total before we would mulligan. No one is immune from making mistakes, and no one ever pointed it out to me either.

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How That Works: “Dealing Damage” VS “Taking Damage”

A lot of players, especially newer players, might not know the difference between “dealing damage” and “taking” damage”. In a game system that has a heavy emphasis on keywords, syntax, and nomenclature, knowing the difference is very important. In this first article in the “How That Works” series, we explain the difference between the two.

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Product Review: Zen Bins, Destiny Edition!

For those of you looking for a great storage solution as well as a way to transport a team or two to tournaments, look no further! Zen Bins originally hit the market a few years ago with a custom product for Dice Masters. I backed it immediately and can say that I never had any regrets. Two-point-something odd years later, they are back on KickStarter with a storage solution for Star Wars: Destiny.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a prototype to test out, and see how I liked it. Before anyone thinks I’m only doing this review because I was sent a copy, you’re wrong. I went out of my way to contact them to get a copy so that I could review it because I loved their Dice Masters product so much.

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Padme and Jyn: BFFs

With some spoilers announced for the upcoming set of Star Wars: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion, many of us are already brewing new decks, or amending old ones. Currently finding any deck that will work successfully utilizing only one colour is hard. With more and more sets being released, the opportunity to build mono decks are far more likely to be successful in a competitive setting.

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