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Card Dissection: Vibroknucklers (SR25)

Hello, and welcome to another Card Dissection! Today we’ll be looking at a quiet and elegant beauty of a weapon, which surprisingly, may be of interest not only for people that look for boosting their offensive capabilities. Those folks that like to manipulate their opponents cards will also find here something for them. Let’s take a closer look at those fancy Vibroknucklers!

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Card Dissection: Chirrut Îmwe (SR35) “Blind Warrior”

Chirrut Îmwe, the Blind Warrior, Guardian of the Whills, steps into battlefields of Star Wars: Destiny to aid his allies in struggle against their opponents. Guided by the Force, he helps his friends with impressive fighting skills but also, thanks to his great faith in the Force, he can turn bad luck and missteps into an advantage. Let’s see what he can bring to the table!

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State of Star Wars: Destiny in Poland

Hello, fellow Star Wars: Destiny fanatics. Today we’ll be tackling quite a different topic than usual. I want to tell you something about the history and state of Star Wars: Destiny in my local area, which also translates to most of my country, Poland. It’s different from US and similar markets, and you may find it to be an interesting read. But first, let’s get some background.

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Card Dissection: Scout (AW33)

Hello and welcome to today’s card analysis. We’ll be tackling one of the lately revealed cards, from the Military Might, and that is Scout (AW33).

Scout is a Red hero upgrade/ability card, which comes with a die. It costs 1 resource and has a special ability that says “Look at an opponent’s hand and discard the cheapest card from it (you choose in the case of a tie).” It die’s faces are: 1 focus, 2 disrupt for 1 resource, 1 resource, 2 special symbol sides and one blank. So, why is this card so great (I believe it is)? Let’s find out.

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