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The Chance Cube Open – Recap

Wow! The Chance Cube Open brought more excitement then we could have imagined.  We loved bringing this event to Worlds and thank everyone who attended and supported us! The final game came down to the last health point for the last character on each side! It was a nail biter until the very end. It was a tight competition, with five of the top eight going 4-1 overall.

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So What Did You Pull? A Recap of Our Star Wars: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion Pre-Release

What a weekend!!!! The Pre-Release excitement was all over the web and whether you went to one event or twelve there was a lot of new material to take in. I think the best part was seeing so much excitement in the community again. We’ve been anxiously awaiting new cards for what feels like forever, and they’re finally here!

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There Has Been An Awakening…Again

Thank the Maker! Fantasy Flight has confirmed the additional printing of the Star Wars: Destiny Awakenings set. But before you rush off to your FLGS to snag up these booster packs you might as well hit the brakes, they aren’t going to be available until June.

The announcement, released this morning on Fantasy Flight’s website, explains that the game has exceeded all of their expectations and the initial printing of Awakenings has been sold out. Kylo and Rey starter sets are back in production and will remain in print until a new starter set is released. The announcement also spells out Fantasy Flight’s printing policies going forward.

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Product Review: Pirate Lab Carrying Case – You Can Trust These Pirates

You’ve invested a great deal of time, energy, and money into building your Star Wars: Destiny decks. Now you need to transport them to the next tournament. With so many options out there to choose from, what do you use? Today, we’ll give you the specs on one option that we really like! I use it to transport all of my Destiny decks to and from events. With the durability, functionality, and style you want, Pirate Lab offers the card game cases you’ll love! I’ll focus on the Small Card Case that is offered, but there is a Large Card Case, Messenger Bag, and Backpack available for those of you who want to transport a larger number of cards.

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