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All the content found on this site, our podcast feed, and our YouTube channel is provided for you by the combined efforts of The Chance Cube family. Covering two continents, 5 Countries, 5 Time Zones, and 9 States, there is always something happening in Star Wars: Destiny.

Andrea Silkey
Technology Team




Bernetta Ferguson (San Antonio, Texas)
Social Media Manager

Bernetta (Disso) manages our chat feed over on Twitch and hangs out on our discord channel, which continuing to drive creative content for our social media channels and The Chance Cube overall.

Feel free to email her at

Demetrius Patton
Content Producer




Dominic Patton
Content Producer





img_0154Jason Brame
Executive Producer
Co-Host, The Chance Cube

My gaming days began with Decipher’s Customizable Card Game back in the mid 1990s.  Since then, I have felt a strong presence of a great Star Wars card game lacking.  Once I discovered Star Wars: Destiny, I was instantly hooked on the mechanics of this game.  This game being the first from Fantasy Flight Games since the canon was established, I am very excited about the possibilities of characters and card that will come out in future expansions.

In addition to the work I do here at The Chance Cube, I also produce Star Wars: The Canon Explained, a YouTube channel dedicated to the exploration of Star Wars storytelling in the new canon.  I am also a regular contributor to Coffee with Kenobi.

Contact me at or on twitter @starwarstce.

Jim Breeze
Lead Editor

I’ve been a Star Wars fan ever since the first time I saw Return of the Jedi in theaters when I was just a wee youngling. More recently, I’ve had an awakening to tabletop games that began in the mid 90’s with Magic: The Gathering, and just took off from there. Now, with Fantasy Flight publishing so many great games with the Star Wars license, those two loves have merged in the best way possible, and the latest to scratch the itch is Star Wars: Destiny.

In the real world, I am a technical writer/editor, and I look forward to using those skills to contribute to this wonderful site. In my spare time, I love a good tabletop game with good friends, good food, and good times. Feel free to contact me at

Katie Sandy-Smith (New Carlisle, OH)
Manager, Communications

Katie comes to the team as an avid gamer of many tabletop games, board games, RPGs, and the like.  Her love of Star Wars, writing, meeting new people and traveling to various gaming conventions has brought her here to The Chance Cube.

Katie is the woman behind the scenes on our newsletter and assist with the editing of various items that come out of The Chance Cube. She can be reached at

Ken Earnest (Fairborn, OH)
Co-Host, Canto Bight Players Club

Hi, my name is Ken, everyone at the meeting together, “Hi Ken!” I haven’t had a new game in 3 weeks. “Everyone claps”. It’s been hard, I see the new games and remember that new game smell, the glistening of the cellophane as you gentle take it off the packaging, and then you ohhh so carefully take off the top box and there is a thing of beautify, the instruction manual!! Oh the hours of rippling through reading and absorbing all the information, I get chills still…

And this ladies and gentlemen is my introduction to, THE CUBE!! …. erm, THE CHANCE CUBE!!!

I have been a fellow gamer officially since I was about 7-8 getting into Monopoly, RISK, Stratego, Clue, all the other classics, I loved the interaction. My first real big gaming hit in the computer was Wolfenstein 3D. After that download I was hooked on gaming for the rest of my life! I started CCG back in the day with Magic and Overpower, magic wasn’t my thing as the fantasy setting wasn’t my cup of tea, but overpower was the bees knees with Super Heroes being the main selling point. I really enjoyed it and eventually got into more games as well. Being the nerdy man that I am, naturally I gravitated towards Star Wars games, I’ve played all forms of card, video and board games in Star Wars lines. They are always entertaining and the latest one Destiny is a huge hit.

I was into Heroclix majorly and previously wrote many articles on Hcrealms about new releases and the different Attack and X-wing games.

When I first saw Destiny I was hooked, I was skeptical like so many about the dice but when I got to hear from local players how good they were I was all in. I’ve since quit playing Heroclix and all the wing title games to focus on Destiny full time. Feel free to contact me at

Kim Breeze
Executive, Marketing and PR
Co-Host, The Chance Cube

I’m a proud nerd who cut her teeth on Spaceballs and Mel Brooks, but fell hard for Han Solo the first time I ever saw him. I know who shot first. While my love of the parody has never died, Star Wars has taken up permanent residence in my heart.  But I’m here for the blasters and lightsabers, not the slave Leia costume.

In my spare time I’m an avid table top gamer who is out to win. Ticket to Ride is what started it all many years ago and our collection continues to grow. I’ll play just about anything you put in front of me, but I’m partial to deck builders, worker placement, tile and Euro games. My friends will tell you that I’m terrible at bluffing. Star Wars: Destiny is my first CCG, the theme and mechanics pulled me in immediately. It wasn’t long before I was hooked; I don’t plan on looking back any time soon.  And yeah, I run a Han deck. This is an amazing community to be a part of and I’m excited to see it continue to grow and thrive. I’m anxious to see diversity in decks once more cards come into the fold

I’m a sucker for a good “Laffy Taffy joke” or Firefly marathon, but most often I love playing games. I’ve met the greatest friends, all through gaming.  I’d love to hear from you –

Kyle Sorenson
Web Development




Mat Cousineau (Canada)
Co-Host and Producer, Canto Bight Players Club

We are happy to welcome Mat to the team!

You can email Mat at


Matthew ScottMatthew Scott (San Antonio, TX)
Manager, Social Media

I first delved into the world of board and card gaming when a friend introduced me to Magic: the Gathering in middle school. It wasn’t long, however, before Magic found itself on the back burner so that I could instead sink my minimal funds into a new game – the Star Wars Customizable Card Game by Decipher. Despite multiple attempts with friends, I never quite sorted out how to play properly. But I did spend hours collecting, sorting, and reading every punctuation mark on the flavor text of the cards. Obviously, from the moment that I heard about FFG’s upcoming release of Star Wars: Destiny, I was immediately transported back to my youth. I am absolutely thrilled that the Star Wars license is returning to a collectible game, and I couldn’t be happier about the very capable FFG being in control of it.

When I’m not nerding out about Star Wars and tabletop games, I’m a husband, father of a two year old, and a high school Biology teacher. I’m excited to be joining The Chance Cube, and I hope that I’ll be able to bring some unique perspectives and ideas to the table. If you’d like to reach me, please feel free to email me at

Mike Hill
Co-Host and Producer, The Chance Cube

Being a long time Star Wars fan and enthusiest of board and card games alike, Mike was naturally attracted to Star Wars Destiny. “There’s something so fun about chucking Star Wars themed dice with your friends” says Mike. Gaining his chops writing for sites like, and, stubble magazine, He has been a great addition to the Chance Cube family. Aswell as blog post and podcast contributions Mike also manages our Instagram account.

You can contact Mike at or @TheChanceCube on Instagram

Nathanael Tripp
Video Editor

I have always been a huge Star Wars fan since as far back as I can remember; my dad took me to see the Remastered Release of the Original Trilogy when it was in theaters and I was hooked for life. When the Star Wars CCG from Decipher came out I wasn’t able to play it but I did collect a few cards that I thought had cool artwork. When the Star Wars TCG from Wizards of the Coast was released I played that religiously and was an avid member of the online community. I even helped form the Independent Development Committee (IDC) that has kept the SWTCG going since WotC cancelled it back in 2008. When I first heard about the Star Wars LCG from Fantasy Flight Games I knew it was just an inevitability that I would start playing it the day it was released. Fast forward to today and not only do I still play the Star Wars: Living Card Game but I also have bought into every Star Wars game that FFG has released. Thus it was only natural that I start playing Star Wars: Destiny.

The rest of my free time is usually spent reading, writing, or generally wasting time with other fun activities. I currently am running a small 3D printing and engineering business that takes up any left over time, but it allows me the freedom to travel and meet all the amazing people at FFG sponsored events! Feel free to contact me at

Ronnie Worley (US)

We are happy to welcome Ronnie to the team!

You can email Ronnie at


Ruben Sanchez
Manager, Patreon

I am an avid gamer of boardgames, deck building games, and my newest addiction: Star Wars Destiny.

My very first CCG was Magic: The Gathering and I’ve played it for many years. Along the way I picked up other games like Force of Will and also tried Pokémon. Magic: The Gathering got too expensive and unfortunately Force of Will lasted a short time in my area. I then tried Pokémon for about two months. I just wasn’t happy with a game and almost gave up on playing CCG’s until a friend introduced me to SWD. After the first game I was hooked!

Now I do everything in my power to teach others the game in my area,as well as supporting my LGS, and to discuss on Facebook as often as I can anything related to SWD. You can also find me on Steam (Ru8onic) to play on the Table Top Simulator from time to time. I’m always down to play.

Also, I am a husband to an incredible wife. I am a father to two incredible kids. One is 16 and driving and the other is 19 and In college. I am blessed in my life as they encourage my nerd ways.

And now I am looking forward to what lies ahead for Star Wars: Destiny! Whatever it is, I will be hyping it up. You can contact me at any time to discuss anything Star Wars: Destiny related or if there is an article you would like me to write about.

And remember….

May the Force always roll dice in your favor.

Sarah Brame
Executive, Family Resources




Seth Taylor
Executive, Event Production




Shane Silkey
Technology Team