Star Wars: Destiny – Dice-ect the Deck | Hero Mill vs. Mother Kylo (Part 1)

Star Wars: Destiny Tutorial Gameplay

This is our Dice-ect the Deck Series, where we play the deck lists of winning Meta decks, talk about how to play them, and what to watch out for.

Left Player: Yoda (LG) | General Rieekan (EW) | Jehah Partisan (LG)
Portland Regional Runner Up:

Right Player: eKylo Ren (2P) | eMother Talzin (LG)
Portland Regional Top 4:

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  1. Mathias

    Hey Jason and co.! How do you allow for both hands to be visible i TTS? So far I havde only been able to join “teams” to be able to see one hand. We are working on doing some commentary as well for some of our danish TTS matches and would love to do some of what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!

    1. Jason (Post author)

      Hey Mathias,

      One user (the observer) has to be in game master mode (Dark Grey) which allows them to see both hands.


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