Destiny on a Budget – Luke Skywalker

You just bought a Luke Skywalker starter set, and now you are ready to build your first deck.  This article is the first in a series that focuses on helping players create a deck on a limited budget.  All cards in this deck list can be acquired for around $30.


There are many articles written on building and analyzing competitive decks; however, there are far fewer articles that focus on decks that are fun to play, but inexpensive to assemble.  The purpose of these Destiny on a Budget articles is NOT to claim that players can take this list and be competitive with the tournament winning lists out there.  The intent is to give players a deck that is playable, enjoyable, and captures the feel of Star Wars: Destiny.

Prices were determined using The Chance Cube’s Price Watch for rares and Miniature Market for uncommons/commons.  Deck building is a lot of fun, and I hope that you take this list and edit it to make it your own as you open more booster packs and build your collection.

Deck List

This deck list focuses on a build centered around Luke Skywalker – Unlikely Hero (LG31).  An image of the list is provided below, and you can find a link to it here. The Luke from this starter set has both ranged and melee damage sides, so we wanted to make sure that we used cards that were good for both of those damage sides; it is also important to avoid the use of too many modifiers in case you roll the wrong damage sides.

The Rebel Trooper (AW30) was included so that you could play red cards to help you heal and generate shields.  Use the Guardian ability of the Rebel Trooper to help keep your other two characters alive.  Padawan (AW36) is a great complement to Luke as her ability helps you save your resources to play your upgrades and use Luke’s power action.

The upgrades and supports in this deck focus on 3 things:

  • Generating resources.  Cards like Aftermath (SR123), Force Training (AW58), and Jedi Robes (AW40) will help you generate the resources you need to play your Y-Wing, equip your characters with more upgrades, and use Luke’s power action.
  • Focusing your dice.  Jedi Robes, Force Training, and R2D2 (LG35) are all capable of changing your dice to the sides you want to do the best damage.
  • Dealing damage.  The dice from your characters have a mix of ranged and melee, so the upgrades and supports reflect that pattern.  This will also help you if you determine your opponent has removal cards that focus heavily on melee or ranged as you can focus on the other type of damage.

The events in this deck are meant to keep you alive long enough to build up Luke and Padawan with upgrades so that you have a sufficient damage output.


Decks become more fun as you make them your own.  Opening packs in the hopes of getting that one card that you have been hoping for is part of the joy of a collectible card game.  Below are a few suggestions of cards that would be great to include in this deck as you open them, as well as which set you will find each card.

  • One With the Force (AW42)
  • Ancient Lightsaber (EW49)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber (LG37)
  • Handcrafted Lightbow (SR39)

Tell us what you think?  What was the first deck you built in Star Wars: Destiny?  If you are an experienced deck builder, what advice do you have for those new to the game?

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