The Top Cut Meta (Regional Edition: 1/28/2018)

It is a NEW META, with two Regional’s that have allowed Legacies. Join us as we take a quick look at the breakdown of decks that have made the top cut, and what that ratio looks like at each of the different levels of cut. For event by event reporting, check out our Regional Champions Page.  NOTE: This report does not contain any non-Legacies data.

While the graphs speak for themselves, there are a couple of interesting things to note:

  • With only two regionals past, there are not many decks that have seen repetition.  Only ePoe | eHondo and the 5-Die Villain Talzin build have seen repeat showing.
  • The color split is very different than in the prior meta, with Yellow getting a lot more use.

Top 8

Top 4

Top 2


Team Colors

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