Welcome to Legacies, Age of the Mono Blue Heroes!

With Legacies primarily dropping in large quantities all over Europe, it’s only appropriate that we begin addressing the meta as something new. With hopeful eyes we look to that which we know for guidance; and come up empty.

Through three tournaments and a lot of playtesting, the one thing that the new Legacies set has revealed to me, is that we will have to rethink the meta.

Control Your Destiny

Coming out of Empire at War, in which burst damage and re-activation dominated in large parts, we now reach a point where control returns to the fray. With the all new Yoda (LG33), Blue Heroes have gained access to a variety of new combos and quirky setups. The really strong thing about Yoda, is that he essentially has a 50% chance of getting you that setup – with his first side being a two-Focus, and two specials that can both setup for additional control. His true strength becomes visible in the fact that you can select two effects from his special; meaning that he will generate Resources/Shields as well as the setup of your other dice.

Everybody’s Special

So how does this new control work? Well, Yoda works well paired with Aayla Secura (LG29),as they together form what has become known as the “Special Chain”. Launching a Special with Yoda, will allow you to turn one of Aayla´s dice to a special as well. Since your action for that turn will have been “resolve a die – specials”, you will now be able to resolve the special of Aayla as well. Her dice sets up another of your dice (this could even be her other die), AND it lets you blank out an opponent’s die. So with one Yoda special, you can blank off up to two opponents dice. So how do you win using this? You add a damage-dealing Special, and I highly recommend this one: Handcrafted Light Bow (SR39), which can deal lots of damage when used in this chain.

Three is NOT a Crowd

With Aayla and Yoda, assuming you want to run Yoda at just one die, you will have 8 points left to use, and for those, I highly recommend using the Jedi Temple Guard (LG30). For one thing, his ability pairs well with keeping the other two characters alive – and so does his Shield sides, which will synchronize very well with Synchronicity (SR106), or even the new Ataru Strike (LG101) from Legacies, which I will talk more about later. He also provides you with more melee damage that goes well with Aayla, especially since you can end your special chain turning into the modified damage.

Helping Out and Mitigation

Speaking of ending in melee, Force Speed (SR55) is an excellent way of making sure that your newly setup dice do not taste that evil mitigation that enjoys ruining your day. Simply end the chain in a Force Speed Special, and you will have another two rounds, preferably resolving melee and then Claiming the battlefield, to ensure that you’re ready for the next round as well.

And on the note of dice mitigation, Legacies have provided us with some more cool alternatives for our Blue Heroes. Stronger You Have Become (LG132) is one such. By using this card, you will allowed to reroll both yours and your opponents unlucky/lucky dice, and get a clearer viewing of what you would want to set up. You will want to play this mostly when you have +3 upgrades on the board, so that you can both remove opponent´s good dice, while setting up your own. Because the setting-up has become a great focus of the game, and doing so faster than your opponent is how you will take the win.


The last mitigation card I want to talk about today is Unbreakable (LG105).  With shield-building returning, after the homicide of a certain vibro-proportioned knife, keeping around shields has become all the more viable, as they once again can provide some additional survivability. As such, especially in these three character decks, Unbreakable can support a fine removal tool. Loading up shields with the Temple Guard or Yoda means that Specials (which have a value of 0) are never really a threat, and all for the lowly cost of 1 simple resource – again something that you can quickly gain from playing Yoda´s special.





Finally, I would like to talk about the new Supports for Blue Heroes, and the one event that awakens their Destiny. Firstly; Defensive Teaching (LG106).This card was, at first, screaming to be paired with such characters as Qui-Gon Jinn (AW37), this card really works well with any shield build, and as all three characters are capable of producing shields, it goes without saying that it fits right in. But there is one card in particular that supports the use of this one; Yoda´s Hut (LG107). By using an action, you can place a shield one of your characters – and if that character reaches 3+ shields by this effect, you will gain one resource. This is an amazing turn-1 play during consecutive rounds, as it will let you not only armor up for the fight, but also play 3-cost upgrades such as the Lightbow directly from your hand, without having to roll for the resources first.

Now that you have setup your shields and special chaining, it is time do deal damage. While Aayla and the Temple Guard can do a lot of damage on their own (6 per round), and the Lightbow also provides a shot at defeating those pesky Villains swiftly, few cards in the Hero arsenal hurts as madly as the Ataru Strike (LG101). When this card was first revealed, I was in awe. It has the potential of No Mercy (AW86), but it doesn’t even remove the shields that it uses to resolve extra damage – and it costs one less. This card has become the final spark of hope to me, that Fantasy Flight Games really wishes for a balanced game, as it lifts the full burst potential of Heroes to where Villains have been since release. The downside of this card in this particular deck, is that Yoda has no melee character dice, so you won’t be able to use ift if he is your last character, but aside from that, it has been performing exceedingly well.

Well, that was all for me, I will end by supplying you with my full deck-list, so that you can do some testing of your own. Have a happy 2018 Chance Cube followers, and don’t leave your Destiny to chance…..


Elite Aayla Secura
Regular Yoda
Jedi Temple Guardian

Obi-Wan´s Hut

Upgrade (13 cards, 11 dice)
1x Ancient Lightsaber
2x Force Illusion
2x Force Speed
2x Handcrafted Light Bow
2x Heirloom Lightsaber
1x Master of the Council
1x Shoto Lightsaber
2x Vibroknife

Support (1 card)
1x Yoda’s Hut

Event (16 cards)
2x Ataru Strike
2x Caution
2x Force Misdirection
2x Guard
2x Sound The Alarm
2x Stronger You Have Become
2x Synchronicity
2x Unbreakable

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  1. Christopher Kendall

    I highly highly HIGHLY feel they will be changing how you are allowed to resolve specials. Now whether this is 1 month after Legacies or 6+ months later I dont know. But the amount of dice fixing and chaining, which No Cheating doesnt stop as its all ONE action, is in the Ambush Rey/FN-2199 level of overkill. Course as we know took them 6+ months to fix that.


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