First Impressions of Yellow Card Spoilers

Fantasy Flight Games released an article spoiling some of the yellow cards that will be released in Legacies, the next set of Star Wars: Destiny — you can see it here.  I have never been known to be succinct, but in my best effort to be eloquently brief, here are my short first impressions on the cards that were spoiled in this article.

Greedo: Unlucky Mercenary (LG21)

At 11 points for elite, he has to compete with Bala-Tik: Gang Leader (AW19), and I just don’t think he is that good, but he will definitely see play at 7 points.

Greedo’s ability gives you a chance to deal damage whether you have activated him or not.

You can also activate him, resolve his dice, then get a chance to roll and resolve his dice a second time before he is defeated.

Plan to play him as a great support character that will be an annoyance to your opponents.






Bib Fortuna: Majordomo (LG18)

On first inspection, Bib Fortuna looks great! The thought of reusing a Darth Vader (AW10) die is extremely tempting.

However, what happens to your major support character when your primary character dies?

Bib Fortuna can’t do much of anything on his own, so his team will need three characters to be formidable.

Consider playing him with other characters who have a special die symbol — like Captain Phasma: Ruthless Tactician (TP2).






Doctor Aphra: Artifact Hunter (LG20)

With Doctor Aphra’s damage sides being either paid or indirect, she needs to rely heavily on her ability to be viable.

Her first ability does have the potential to get better as more cards are released.  Currently the best target is the ID9 Seeker Droid (EW13).

Her two shields can help her absorb some of the damage that she will take while using her second ability.

I am excited to pair her with a single die Seventh Sister: Agile Inquisitor (EW10) and maybe throw in a Greedo plus a plot card.






Ark Angel (LG23)

Having another two-cost vehicle is exciting, since we only have a handful of those.

The ability could help support-heavy decks keep pace with other decks.

I would like to see more supports with an “after you activate this support”  trigger before I am sold on this card.







In Pursuit (LG94)

Star Wars: Destiny is a game of calculated decisions; each decision my opponent makes will alter my next choice.

In Pursuit throws those calculations out the window and has you charge in blazing.

This could be used to help you get one step ahead of your opponent after he/she claimed the round before.

This could help you play cards such as Fight Dirty (AW95), Only Business Matter (EW82), or Friends in High Places (SR83) more easily.






No Good to Me Dead (LG95)

This card is tailor-made for a mill deck where you don’t care how much health your opponents have.

This card is also perfect for Crime Lord (AW23).

With two of these in your deck, it has never been easier to play and use Crime Lord’s special.

Disclaimer: don’t forget you have to damage your opponent’s characters before you can heal them.






Saw Gerrera: Extremist Leader (LG49)

Saw Gerrera has the damage sides of Luke Skywalker (AW35) or Sabine Wren (EW40) with a significantly lower point cost (albeit his dice have the major disadvantage of being indirect).

If a Friends in Low Places (SR146) reveals that your opponent only has low cost cards in his/her hand, Saw’s ability has the versatility of being able to target your own hand.








Jar Jar Binks: Clumsy Outcast (LG47)

Jar Jar Binks opens up the first six dice team — eEzra/eMaz/eJar Jar.  (I am not saying that is a good idea).

His dice have no melee or ranged sides, so his activation is essentially a Sound the Alarm (TP45) every round.

Jar Jar is bonkers, and he could hurt you as much as he could help you.

With careful deck building, and proper strategy in your timing, Jar Jar could be a good support character.






Runaway Boomas (LG51)

If you play Jar Jar Binks, make sure to include Runaway Boomas for ultimate theme.

Three blanks are intimidating, but for one resource each turn, you have a great chance to deal major damage.

Indirect damage has the potential to stack up quickly.

Runaway Boomas are another card that you will need 4 for a complete playset.






Explosive Tactics (LG118)

The only enticing play I see for this card is to stop the Ancient Lightsaber (EW49) looping when your opponent is avoiding decking out.

This card is over-costed and the ability is underwhelming.

I don’t even see this being playable in a draft format.







Hondo Ohnaka: Respected Businessman (LG65)

Hondo’s ability bottoms out as an Ezra Bridger: Force-sensitive Thief (EW38) special.

The upside is that a support character has a the potential to deal big damage if resolved at the right time.

Pair Hondo with Poe Dameron: More than a Pilot (TP25) for some great special chaining.

I wish his focus side was 2 focus instead of 1; I would be much more excited for him if it was.






Cantina Brawl (LG148)

Cantina Brawl sounds like a fun card to play in a multiplayer format or in a draft.

This card would be much better if you had the chance to repeat the effect even if your opponent didn’t (perhaps by paying a resource, discarding another card, removing a die, etc.).

You have the opportunity to create some fun plays with Cantina Brawl while out-thinking your opponent.







Tell us your opinions.  Which of these yellow cards are you most excited to play?  Comment below and tell us what you think.




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