Card Dissection: Jar Jar Binks (LG47)

A long time ago, somewhere on Earth, George Lucas himself sat crafting what would be known as the Prequel Trilogy, with such hits as The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith (don’t even get me started on sand). But not only did we get new movies, but new characters including the dearly beloved (please note the sarcasm), Jar Jar Binks (LG47). The Gungan, the myth, the legend, was recently announced in the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny –Legacies set.

Card Art:

Who can deny that this particular art encapsulates exactly the facade that this “Clumsy Outcast” portrays throughout all of his thoroughly enjoyed scenes. I do however feel that this particular card not only shows the true side to Jar Jar but is also quite nice. It truly feels as though the artist cared about Jar Jar, which is rather surprising considering everybody else loves to hate him, but to each their own.


It would appear that Jar Jar was given every side imaginable with the exception of direct damage, which if he had actually been able to do that in the movies, someone who might actually matter could have died. His die is quite possibly the most diverse that I have seen on a Hero, especially one of such low cost and health. Let’s face it though, he is by far not the crown jewel of your deck, and if he is, may the force be with you.


Jar Jar’s activation ability can either be a benefit or a thorn depending on what your goal is, if you’re looking to mill, this might be just the right setup for you, if you’re looking to do damage and add Jar Jar into that deck, you have issues. If your opponent has Jar Jar, well sounds like you are going to have a good ol’ time forcing your opponent to activate Jar Jar. Just like his card says “Dissen ganna be messy!


With a a single die costing 7 and elite 9 and a health of 7 Jar Jar is priced slightly better than Ezra, with his activate ability possibly giving you the opportunity to re-roll dice that did not land as you might have wished or completely wrecking your turn and causing you to discard to re-roll.

The New Meta:

Here it is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the 6 die meta, a deck I can not wait to play: elite Maz Kanata (SOR45), elite Ezra Bridger (EAW38), and lastly but most importantly, elite Jar Jar Binks (LG47). Watch as your opponent flails about helplessly trying to figure out who to take out first and you try to figure out how on Earth you intend to pilot this haphazard deck to a heroic victory, or just watch it turn into a dumpster fire that you are piloting, while you laugh manically because surely, you have lost your mind to create such a deck. Afterwards your friends will give you the age old line, you were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should. So go forth in this brave new world that Fantasy Flight Games has laid out and embrace the new Gungan-era of the Meta.


Where do we start with Jar Jar? Can he be taken seriously and not as the Clumsy Outcast, but let’s be honest nobody really took him seriously in the movies. Which, for a few droids and the rest of the Republic, that was a bad idea. For his cost and the fun factor, Jar Jar should be great to toy with, but don’t expect to be taken seriously if you roll into your local tournament with this sweet ride. But here we are with a Jar Jar who stands poised to make his first entry into the Star Wars: Destiny universe. Who knows, maybe in the next set we will finally see Jar Jar Binks in his true form, Sith Lord Binks. Meesa think weesa gonna seea grand army built around Binksss.

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