Card Staples: Crash Landing (LG 137) – Our Newest 0-Cost Removal

One of the most important aspects of any deck in Star Wars: Destiny is dice removal. Most dice removal cards come with a condition: giving your opponent a choice (e.g. Loth-Cat and Mouse (SR114)), requiring you to have dice in your pool (e.g. Guard (SR103)), forcing you to meet a play restriction (e.g. Defensive Position (AW104)), etc. Three things you should consider when deciding which dice removal cards to include in your deck are its play cost, playable situations, and place in the game.

Many of the best dice removal cards cost 1 resource to play: Electroshock (AW159), The Best Defense (AW75), and Isolation (AW85).  With the upcoming release of Legacies this December, we have another 0-cost removal card that is worth a look — Crash Landing (LG137).

Play Cost

Resources are always at a premium in Star Wars: Destiny.  Having a viable 0-cost removal is important.  Your opponent may think you are out of plays if you are devoid of resources.  You also want to save your resources to play your valuable weapons or vehicles.  Crash Landing gives a good playable option for 0 resources.

Momentum is incredibly important.  Most turns, I want to equip a two-cost weapon, roll out, and then do damage.  However, you have to respond to your opponent.  Having a playable 0-cost removal gives you a good response without losing your momentum.

Playable Situations

Crash Landing is Neutral, allowing you to find a place for it in Hero and Villain decks.  Crash Landing also doesn’t suffer from any of the common play restrictions that many of the other playable removal cards do. The damage doesn’t have to be dealt to one target, you don’t have to spot a certain color character, and you don’t need to have dice in your pool.

The largest restriction for Crash Landing is that you can only remove a side showing damage. There are plenty of situations that a side showing a special or resource will be the most important target; however, damage is the name of the game, so you will find plenty of targets each game.

Place in the Game

When I first saw Crash Landing, it reminded me of The Best Defense, which is one of the best removal choices if you are playing villain. Overall, Crash Landing is not quite on par with The Best Defense, but it is cheaper, can be played in Hero decks, and allows you to distribute your damage. The 3 damage from The Best Defense is harder to swallow when your red character is your main character instead of a support character.

Two other cards similar in effect are Cannon Fodder (AW68) and Heroism (AW117). Crash Landing is going to find more play than either of these cards as the characters you deal damage to aren’t required to be non-unique or unique, and you can distribute the damage.

Overall, Crash Landing is cheap, easy to play, and has minimal ill effects.

What do you think? Do you plan to try this card? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


  1. Genghis Don

    Great write-up. I agree 100% and it is going to make Red-Hero an option in coordination with the upcoming new Luke who is blue with ranged damage sides. It’s also really going to shine in Villain when used against your Magnaguard. You could clear an opponent’s entire pool with The Best Defense and Crash Landing with a Magnaguard on 0 HP remaining. I think it could have been Hero only as Villain already has plenty of options already. This card will make Mono Villain Red a very viable option.

    1. Seth Taylor (Post author)

      Ya, imagine that late game situation: you have a Vader left with a few life remaining, and your Magnaguard who will die this turn. They roll big damage and think they have won the game. You throw it all at Magnaguard with Crash Landing and The Best Defense, and then your Vader bashes for the win!

      I agree that it could have been hero only, but then we wouldn’t have that scenario you spoke about.


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