You get Errata, you get Errata, WE ALL GET ERRATA!! Aka so long to the ongoing eCad/ePhasma.

First, a shout out to my homie FN-2199… you got hit with not one but TWO hammers of justice because you were just so good.

With Fantasy Flight updating the Rules References, it will bring about a new meta for all to see. While the official date of acceptance is not until November 6th, I’m already just planning events and decks in my head based off the new rules.

Let’s break it down to what is now “fixed” and what this blogger thinks still needs to be addressed.

Balance of the Force

First we have the inclusion of Balance of the Force in the book, a way for FFG to correct printed character costs. So far, we have FN-2199 (SR2), Unkar (SR21), and Poe Dameron (AW29) adding 2 points to each of their respective costs. Captain Phasma (TP2) is 1 point more expensive to field.

This is a welcomed change, even though it makes my article series change. I think we can all agree New Phasma was under-costed, having three damage sides for 9/13 points. 10/14 brings her to a good spot in my opinion. FN needs no introduction as he’s been stomping people left and right with his ability to go all in with weapon overwriting. His cost was also low for his ability, while 11 points for a single die will still net you some powerful abilities.

Unkar and Poe were the two biggest surprises, but I’m not unhappy about those two at all. Poe’s dominance had gone cold the last few months, but he can only get better as we get cards that are more powerful with dice. I will say I would have just preferred him getting a +1 increase in his cost as he’s now the first character to have 20 or more cost and a pay side for three.

Unkar, IMO, has always been a big pain in the butt and with Thrawn (EW4), it was a deck I felt help push out this price increase for him. You can still run him at 1 die, but it’s not as scary as he once was.

I welcome this change, but as with any errata in a game, there are elements I feel need to be addressed. One is now technically your old cards are misprints. It does make sense for them to give you new copies of the character with the new values instead of having to lug around the rules reference all the time, but in this day and age I don’t see people having a huge issue with not getting replacement cards.

Rules Errata

The other major change that hit FN in the junk was the new rule limiting upgrade overwrites to once per round. What this means is that Rey (AW38) decks and FN decks will not able able to keep replacing into new weapons for endless actions cheats or to give you an endless onslaught of damage thrown at you. I have always been a huge fan of Rey, but this also is a welcomed change.

Han/Rey has always been my passion since I first saw it played locally. I’ve tried many different versions of the deck and now I’ll need to update it just a bit more but I think with the other changes it is not as bad as it seems.

Next up we have change to Vibroknife (SR57). This one is probably the most talked about change. Instead of making ALLLL your Melee dice unblockable, now it’s only the die of Vibroknife that can be unblockable. So if you resolve it by itself with a modifier, or resolve it as a modifier will it then become unblockable.

Now this guy here is QUITE happy with this and now shields matter again. Yes yes, some people have been saying they still mattered, even I tried to tell myself they did, but let’s face it, once that Vibroknife hit the table you always just knew your shields were worthless.

It’s a Trap (AW107) was a bit of a surprise, but since they also had issue with Heat of Battle (EW123), I can see why they made the limit of 2 dice. It was essentially giving out focus, but even better as the Ambush it had would let you take down someone’s character or at least do a huge chuck of damage.

Imperial Inspection (SR70) is another change I’m happy for as its strength for being a zero-cost support felt a little too good. The ability is still valid, you just can’t loop it forever, now you must be a little more cautious on when you use its ability.

Effects of the Erratas

So with all these changes what does this mean for the current field of decks?

First off now we won’t be seeing FN/newKylo (TP1), and that is a welcome change IMO. I think that deck was quite brutal and no matter who you would target, the other character was just WAY to good. You also had decks like FN/BabyVader (SR10) that could do the same thing, but even worse you could get some insane amounts of damage out even faster.

Unkar/Thrawn was a deck I played against only once luckily, but with all its different variants, I was scared to play against it and thought it too seemed a little too powerful for the meta. Now I do feel Unkar might get adjusted down to a +1 in the future perhaps, but his ability was quite good for the mill decks, who knows what will come of that brand.

Han/Rey decks, while on the surface you might actually think got a huge nerf, but really with the Vibroknife getting the ax (HAHA knife ax!) it will make shield decks quite more meaningful in the long run. It will also mean that people might start needing to pack other shield removals in their decks to offset the shields abilities to absorb damage. Now keep in mind, Vibroknife is still a great card IMO, I feel it’s actually still a viable weapon, to me it only really hurt decks like FN with their ability to bring out so many weapons and let them roll them in one-by-one to ping you for little tiny cuts. Now you’ll just need to see big swings with the die when it’s out.

Also, while the Dark Side decks have been dominating, with the price increase of some of the best villains we have out there, I think this will bring some of the hero decks out from hiding and bring more balance to the ranks of the tournaments.

I hope this has been an interesting read for everyone and I apologize for the length but really I think with as many changes as we had it was needed.

Until next time, keep those blanks off your dice!

the Ken

P.S. I will be updating my Ongoing series of Cad/Phasma, I’m toying with either Sabine/?? or Han/Rey.. Leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions I might need to switch to!


  1. Greg

    Great Article! I would love to see more Mill stopping cards but the cost updates certainly help. I love the fact shields matter again. I agree they should offer a mail in for replacement cost cards or specially made stickers, something so you don’t have to remind people constantly.

  2. Genghis Don

    I think 9’s could have a middle ground instead of the harsh punishment on him. It would have been nice to give something back to him like allowing him to put a failed rolled in weapon die back on his card to be rerolled with his activation. Nothing too crazy but if you are going to re-write the rule book because of him, at least give something back to make him playable.

  3. Kenneth Earnest (Post author)

    Thanks guys for the replies guys! The needed Errata to overwritig upgrades I think would have been enough to FN, the extra price increase might need to be revisited at a later date after we see what type of decksuse him or don’t now. His sides of his die were never really that good IMO, it was his ability that would make him shine. The same goes with Rey as well, her sides are just okay but when she really shines was her ability to play back to back Ambush cards overwriting a previous one sometimes multiple times.

    Mill will be a deadly force to be reckoned with now that shields are a thing again, but we still have other weapons as well as Vibroknife is still quite viable but it doesn’t make EVERYTHING unblockable.

    I forgot to mention what i thought about things still needing to be fixed. Obiosly we need to see how things with the new meta pan out but I like where they are going with certain combos. After looking over it’s a Trap, I’m thinking they definitely made the correct choice there as it was quite powerful; limiting it to two dice would have been fine IMO, removing the Ambush might have been to far.

    I’m still looking over all the previous cards as well as the new ones and I’m not seeing anything that feels “broken”. The new Kylo really hurts Palpatine decks, but they can run removal that is Not blue and still be good, but any wise player will just choose blue anyway. I’d love to see some type of battlefield or plot that says while you control the BF the controlling player cannot be targeted or the target of effects or something.

    That might be a little too powerful, but who knows. There needs to be something out there that you can equip maybe to an opponents character that says their characters ability doesn’t apply, maybe a Carbon Feezing Chamber that says no text on the character is used.

    I mean most Palpatine players can now easil go for the kill on Kylo, but now the Kylo Player might actually bite back with rise again just to keep him alive longer to get that free damage since it isn’t as speedy without FN.

    Really there isn’t anything as far as bonkers crazy combos that I can see on the horizon at this point; that doesn’t mean they don’t exist mind you, but they seem to have really balanced out the problem cards.


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