Introducing Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Sets

Have you heard the news? A new way of playing Star Wars: Destiny is on the way just over a week after Legacies was announced! Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced Star Wars: Destiny – Rivals, allowing for a draft system to be used bringing about another evolution to gameplay. The Draft system is kicked off with a special Draft set called Rivals as pictured below. There are 20 cards within the Draft Set that are meant to supplement the booster packs you would pull from draft and sealed play events. These sets come with characters, supports, upgrades, and events of every color, giving you the ability to build a deck for Draft and Sealed events.

Star Wars Destiny Rivals

Star Wars Destiny Rivals Support of Draft Play and Sealed Play

For a draft event, the setup occurs as such according to FFG:

During a Star Wars: Destiny draft event, every player will open three booster packs and combine the cards into a single pack. Then, every player will select a single card from the pack and pass the remaining cards to their left for the next player to select a single card before passing the pack on again. Once all of these cards have all been selected, the next three packs are opened and players draft cards again, passing in the opposite direction. When the draft is finished, you and each of your fellow players will have thirty cards from the booster packs and the twenty cards featured in their Rivals Draft Set to construct a deck of twenty to thirty cards. In the draft format, you can add as many copies of a card to a deck as you want, even crossing the boundaries of morality to mix hero, villain, and neutral cards in the same deck.

As for Sealed events this is what FFG has to say:

A sealed event works similarly to a draft. Every player starts with eight booster packs and opens all of them, ending up with forty cards from the booster packs and the twenty cards in the Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set to construct a deck.

For those that are curious as to whether the cards from the Draft set are legal for constructed gameplay, FFG has ruled that they are!


Introducing Neutral Characters

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for and also guessing would occur, FFG has revealed neutral characters with four being featured as part of the Rivals Draft Set. The characters being Anakin Skywalker – Conflicted Apprentice (RS01), Lobot – Cyborg Aide (RS02), Ketsu Onyo – Black Sun Operative (RS03), and Jawa Scavenger (RS04). Which leaves an important question to be asked. Where’s the Sith Lord Jar Jar Binks?


The First Five Character Deck?

Hear me out on this one, five Jawas neutral deck. Why you might ask? My answer: why not. You are open to a plethora of Neutral cards that can make this particular outing quite entertaining if you can pull the right cards.

eAnakin (RS01) / eFinn (AW45), let’s finally make Finn good!

Here is another statement that I can already see people bringing up their meme of “Stop Trying to Make Finn a Thing.” Slow your rolls mean girls, this deck can allow you to get the best of both worlds thanks to Finn being able to pull both hero and villain cards and fully utilize the special that Anakin has to offer with a 29 point cost to make both of them elite. While yes, Finn will not be pulled from a pack, you can use this pairing in constructed play which might not have nearly as much potential as FN-2199, it still would allow for a good time in casual play. I look forward to building and play testing this deck to see what kind of fun can be hand from this pair.



Let’s hear from you though, what are your thoughts on the announcement of Star Wars: Destiny – Rivals, the steps being taken into different forms of competitive play, and the addition of Neutral characters to the game.


  1. MattT

    20 HP isn’t much, but including Z6 in a Hero deck is dream come true. With Ani it also becomes bonus damage from hand. It’s great to see Finn beginning to make room for himself

  2. Kyle Sorenson (Post author)

    Hello Matt,
    While 20HP might not appear to be much, the majority of decks currently at top in the meta are between 20-23, the only exception being FN-2199/Bala-Tik/Nightsister. Although with the usage of Second Chance, this deck could see some extended life.
    Another great pairing to be seen with Anakin would be Qui-Gon, a kind of alternate universe deck where Qui-Gon had actually survived his dual. While that would only be an increase of 1HP the number of shields dished out by both would be great to see.
    Is there a particular pairing you would like to see out of the Rival set?


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