Star Wars: Destiny Australian National Championship

Saturday, October 7th marked the Star Wars:Destiny Australian National Championship with a field of 99 participants. The results of Australia’s tournament truly speaks to the meta that we are in post-Empire at War and with the addition of the Two Player Box. First place was won by Blake Moody who was piloting eFN-2199 (SR2) and eKylo Ren (TP1), which is currently at the top of the meta, with many speculating that Fn-2199 will soon see a nerf to his ability. Within the top 10 of the tournament, four of the decks piloted were eFN-2199 and eKylo Ren, take a look below to see the top 10 from Saturday’s event.

Top Ten after Swiss

  1. Jonathan Choi – eFN-2199 / eKylo Ren (TP)
  2. Braydon Walker – eUnkar Plutt (SR21) / eThrawn (EW4)
  3. David Leslie – eDarth Vader (SR10) / ePhasma (TP2)
  4. Damien Madigan – eKylo (TP) / ePhasma (TP)
  5. Lindsey Heming -eFN-2199 / eKylo Ren (TP)
  6. Dominic Meyer – eDarth Vader / ePhasma (TP)
  7. Will Kerridge – eCad Bane (EW18) / ePhasma (TP)
  8. Blake Moody – eFN-2199 / eKylo Ren (TP)
  9. Jacob Wynberg – eDarth Vader (SR10) / ePhasma (TP)
  10. Mark Payne – eFN-2199 / eKylo Ren (TP)

Results of Top 8 Cut

Winner: Blake Moody – eFN-2199 (SoR)|eKylo (2P)
Runner Up: David Leslie – eVader (SoR) (SoR)|ePhasma (2P)
Top 4: Braydon Walker – eUnkar (SoR)|eThrawn (EaW)
Top 4: Lindsay Heming – eFN-2199 (SoR)|eKylo (2P)
Top 8: Jonathan Choi – eFN-2199 (SoR)|eKylo (2P)
Top 8: Damien Madigan – eKylo (2P)|ePhasma (2P)
Top 8: Dominic Meyer – eVader (SoR)|ePhasma (2P)
Top 8: Will Kerridge – eCad Bane (EaW)|ePhasma (2P)

From the looks of the top 10, Nines and Kylo dominated the tournament despite being the second largest in terms of attendance with Unkar Plutt / eThrawn taking that title with 16 versions of that pairing being piloted. Let’s take a look at the top four decks brought to Australia’s National Championship.

Popular Decks

  1. eUnkar Plutt / eThrawn – 16 total piloted
  2. eFN-2199 / eKylo Ren (TP) – 15 total piloted
  3. eCad Bane / ePhasma (TP) – 8 total piloted
  4. Padme Amidala (AW28) / General Rieekan (EW24) / Jedi Instructor (EW32) – 5 total piloted

Quite the interesting pairing to see from the tournament was the deck Padme Amidala / General Rieekan / Jedi Instructor, which completely brakes from the meta and was still successful enough to reach 13th place. But not only was Australia’s tournament plentiful with decks from the new meta but also some favorites from the past such as ePoe Dameron (AW29) / eMaz Kanata (SR45) which placed 22nd of all similar decks and ePalpatine (SR11) which placed 50th of all similar decks.

Our congratulations go out to Blake Moody and David Leslie for taking first place and runner-up, respectively, and to everyone else who participated in the event!

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