Legacies…. whoa momma!!


If you’ve been living under a rock the last few hours then you haven’t seen the new Legacies set previews. It seems we are FINALLY getting a BOBA FETT!!! No need to hunt down those random booster packs, we’re getting him in a starter format for us!

Now we can finally pair him and his “dad,” Jango, together!


Family Matters

What Jango brought to the table is the ability to activate on your opponent’s turn and getting a free turn to resolve his die; what junior here brings is a more punishing die. His special is where it’s at, and that will make all the high values of all dice to be used for his liking. 

While it’s still quite early to even speculate what else we might get from the set, I am already brewing a little deck with Fetts in mind.

Since both have dual damage types we can easily make use of both ranged and melee weapons and not feel like we are getting a mix max of dice. Sure it would be better to have all one damage type but whatever, damage is damage!

AW021 - Jango FettThe Plot Thickens

Now what’s really neat is that with the pairing we still have 2 points left over form our 30, and with the introduction of the Plot card type, we can see that eventually we will be able to fill those extra points with a plot card that could really help us out.

We only have 2 so far and neither really fit in with the Fett-type of deck, but you can only guess we will see quite a few of these plot cards. It’s going to be fun to speculate on what other plots they might bring out for us, maybe a 2-point cost one that gives us 2 extra shields to start? Either way it’s going to be a fun type of deck to run.

I look forward to more of the spoils of this set, especially the Plot cards as those will be able to give you one heck of a leg up on your opponent!


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