Destiny Origins: Who is Doctor Aphra and BT-1?

There are some great characters in the films, but with the ever expanding canon of Star Wars, there have been some amazing characters show up in other mediums.  With the recent announcement of LegaciesStar Wars: Destiny has brought the infamous Doctor Aphra and her droid companion BT-1 into the game.  Where do these two come from and how did it influence the design of their card?  Let’s take a look!

First Appearance

Doctor Aphra found her origins in the Darth Vader comic, published by Marvel in 2015 (note: this is not the current run of Darth Vader, but the first series that was published).  Taking place shortly after A New Hope, Darth Vader was on his own quest to hunt down the “force sensitive boy who destroyed the Death Star.”

He sought Aphra because of her skills in archaeology, specifically Droids.  Vader wanted his own personal army of droids and believed Aphra would know where to find some.  However, she had to complete her mission first, the recovery of 0-0-0 (Triple Zero or Trips), a dangerous protocol droid, and the only droid that was able to activate the Assassin droid disguised as an astromech, BT-1 (Beetee).

Doctor Aphra made her appearance in many issues of that series before the run ended, and now she and her two droids have a series of their own, along with her sidekick, Black Krrsantan, a killer Wookiee bounty hunter who really is just owed a lot of money and hangs around to make sure he’s paid (he would also make a killer Villain character).

Her Abilities and Sidekicks

The new card featuring Doctor Aphra (LG20) contains a lot of her main characteristics.  Her affinity for droids is reflected in her text to allow the first droid of EACH ROUND to be played at one cheaper.  Empire at War unleashed the possibility of vehicle decks, now we have a character that may make Droid decks a possibility.


Doctor Aphra is resourceful, and a survivor.  She also may be her own worst enemy, getting herself into just as much trouble, but always finding a way out in the end. Her two shield side gives her some resilience while her damage sides reflect her ability to hit something, just not really sure what…

Her final card text ties into her archaeology background.  She will take a little heat on the chance that she will uncover that rare gem.

BT-1 (LG24), is quite an amazing support droid.  Four damage dealing sides, many of which pack a bit of a punch, and to add to that, the ability to do damage when activating.  Yes, he does damage to you too, because, lets face it, he doesn’t care who is getting pain inflicted as long as he is inflicting pain.  But paired with Aphra’s shields, this could be a great combo that will whittle away at your opponent.

I wonder if Triple Zero is also in this set, because I can imagine his card will be just as devious.

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