Legacies Coming to Star Wars: Destiny

Introducing Star Wars: Destiny – Legacies

In September, Fantasy Flight Games launched Star Wars: Destiny – Empire at War. Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new set of boosters and starter sets coined Legacies. While many players are still getting into the groove of Empire at War, we now have a new series of characters, upgrades, supports, and events to wrap our heads around in anticipation of the unknown release date of Star Wars: Destiny – Legacies.

Star Wars Destiny Legacies Card Fan

A New Die Symbol

Completely by surprise, we were also introduced to a new die symbol called Indirect Damage, which allows you to force an opponent to deal damage equal to the dice side dispersed among their characters as they choose, much like when using an Emperor Palpatine die .

The Plot Thickens

A brand-new play mechanic is introduced with the card type Plot, a way of giving players with a deck that has fewer than thirty-points a means of reaching the thirty-point cap. This new mechanic could drastically alter how players go about deck-building with these new and exciting possibilities.

Characters Old and New

Not only are we looking at younger versions of characters from past sets such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo, but new characters like Wedge Antilles, Boba Fett, and Doctor Aphra.

Exciting New Starter Sets

The new starter sets will feature Boba Fett – Deadly Mercenary and Veteran Stormtrooper in the Villian set, and Luke Skywalker – Unlikely Hero paired with Han Solo – Savvy Smuggler in the Hero’s set.

The announcement of Legacies with its additions of Plot and Indirect Damage make this an exciting leap forward for Star Wars Destiny.

With the news of this release still fresh, stay tuned to The Chance Cube for more updates as we dive deeper into Star Wars: Destiny – Legacies!

The Boba Fett Starter Set, Luke Skywalker Starter Set, and the Legacies Booster Packs are ready for pre-order, just visit your local game store!

What are your thoughts on Star Wars Destiny Legacies, we would love to hear them?

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