Episode XLVIII: Running a Gauntlet

Jason, Amanda, and Kim discuss all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze The Best Defense (AW75), and are joined by Mike, Ruben, and Shane to discuss what it means to run a gauntlet.  We also award this week’s giveaway, and kick off next week’s!

So stick with us, and don’t leave your Destiny to chance…


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  1. Geralt

    I wouldn’t recommend rewind and replaying as it brings in confirmation bias. If you rewind, the goal should be to figure out if you made the right decision at that time with that information. Once you do something different and play it out, you face the risk that the better result means better play when it could just be the play that worked out that time because the dice rolled hot/cold, he didn’t have a staple card of his deck in hand (both were sitting in the last 5 of his deck this match), etc.

    Rewind, discuss, and don’t replay. Only reason to replay is if you really don’t know how the interaction would work with the new idea. Replaying can just add bad data, focus on the information and decision making. Even if you took the time to play option A 200 times and option B 200 times to get a much better sampling of results, the next time you see that happen in game the opponents cards in hands could be different, cards used to that point, upgrades, resources, any number of things that make those replays ineffective to making the right choice there.


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