Meta Tracker Report for week ending in 8/5/17

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Week Ending August 5, 2017

Number of Events Reported: 51
Average Attendance: 17, Up by 1
Total Number of Events with Organize Play Support: 49
Total Numbers of Store Championships: 43 Their breakdown
209 Season 1 (5/4/17-7/9/17) Events Breakdown

All events were after the erratas took effect on 7/10/17.

Winning Decks:

1. ePoe/eMaz – Same as last week
2. eVader/eKylo – Same as last week
3. eUnkar/FN2199/Trooper – Same as last week
4. eBala/Royal/FN2199 – NEW
5. eLuke/Rey – Down from last week

Winning Characters (one per deck):

1. FN-2199 – Up from last week
2. Maz – Same as last week
3. Poe – Same as last week (tied)
3. Rey – Down from last week (tied)
5. Darth Vader (SR) – Same as last week (tied)
5. Kylo – Same as last week (tied)
5. Bala-tik – New (tied)

Decks to Finish in the Top 4:

1. eUnkar/FN2199/Trooper – Same as last week
2. ePoe/eMaz – Same as last week
3. eVader(SR)/eKylo – Down from last week
4. ePalpatine – Same as last week
5. eVader/Raider – Down from last week

Characters to Finish in the Top 4 (one per deck):

1. FN-2199 – Same as last week
2. First Order Stromtrooper – Same as last week
3. Unkar – Up from last week
4. Maz – Same as last week (tied)
4. Poe – Same as last week (tied)

Hero/Villain Split

Changes from Last Week:
Hero: Down 3.4%
Villain: Up 3.4%

Changes from Last Week:
Hero: Down 2.2%
Villain: Up 1.7%

Last Week’s Report

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