Empire at War July Teaser Reaction – Part 2

On Friday, Fantasy Flight Games dropped a (huge) teaser for the upcoming expansion to Star Wars: Destiny, Empire at War. In the past, their teasers have been in chunks based on color and faction, but this latest one is about Red cards and dice on both the Hero and Villain sides. This leads to a Death Star-sized teaser, which we will discuss in two separate articles. The first article focused on those Characters, Upgrades, and Support cards with corresponding dice. This article will be about the Support and Event cards without any dice.

Imperial Backing (EW064)     

Jason – Here is a card that may see play in three- and four-character decks.  Otherwise, with a resource cost of two, without some way to reduce that cost you aren’t gaining anything. Perhaps there will be combos that will allow you to reduce the cost of an event.

Alex – Another insane Villain card? I currently play quadruple rainbow Villain with a heavy emphasis on supports for one of my main decks – and this will just make that deck insane. Turn-one Slave I (SR22) without rolling. Loving it.

David – This card, paired in a deck with General Hux (EW2), could be really good if played with the Special side of his die. The Ambush is a nice addition to the card, allowing you to potentially activate that support after putting it into play.

Amanda – This card is a sticky card. If you play it in a two-character deck you, are really only gaining an Ambush effect after playing a support. That alone isn’t bad, but it is not great ether. Where the strength of the card lies is in multi-character and Hux lists. Let say that you a running a Hux 3-character deck and you hit his special and no character has died yet. You play this card from the discard pile for free after resolving Hux’s special, then you get 3 dollars off the vehicle you put into play using this card effect, and then you get another action….Wow….that is pretty solid if you ask me.

Joe –  Again another card that plays well with Hux (I think someone at Fantasy Flight really likes him), but outside of playing the Event for free, I don’t see this card getting a lot of play. Its cost for what it does just doesn’t add up.

Red Alert (EW066)

Jason – More love for non-unique characters. Perhaps the four-character vehicle deck is viable in the near future.  An additional activation on any non-unique with one or two upgrades is HUGE… hence the cost of this card.

Alex – Hmm.. I’m not sure about this one. Readying a character is incredibly powerful, but paying 3 for a non-unique? Theoretically, it’s an amazing sdal, but in practice, that might change. I can’t think of a viable tactic for this, as I never load up my non-uniques, meaning this is essentially a “3 resources for one-two damage” kind of card..

David – A deck thick with Troopers (AW2) and/or Tie Pilots (SR4) will really love having this one. I’m really starting to see Hux/Trooper/Trooper as a solid possibility for a Villain deck in the future. You’d really want his special to drop the cost on this card if possible. But for what it does, I still think it is worth including in a deck such as Bala/Trooper/Trooper/Pilot or Trooper/Trooper/Pilot/Pilot.

Amanda – Good effect, but kind of pricy. However there are ways *CoughHuxCough* to work with this cost. The card on its own may not be one to spend a lot of time on, but watch out.

Joe – Hux meet Death Trooper (SR1), Death Trooper meet Hux, now you two kids have fun! Without a way to reduce the price a little, this is an expensive card, but played along side Hux for 1-cost this could be game-changing.

Reckless Reentry (EW093)

Jason – This is a cheap way to get an additional roll off of an exhausted vehicle, but you may want to reserve it for vehicles with no blanks, because the downside of this card is very scary.

Alex – Argh! The theme remains for Heroes being overcosted for no reason at all! This should be a 0 – and that would have made it a wonderful card! I am not willing to risk 50% income on a “might actually do more bad than good” scenario! It’s simple as that. Obviously, it works better with cards that show no blanks – but there simply are not enough of those to justify considering this card.

David – This is a card that would pair well with Ghost (EW28) from the set, but would be too much of a gamble to use on something like the Y-Wing (EW29). It also could function as a last-ditch effort to try and steal a win at the end of a round after your opponent claims.

Amanda – This event I actually like, even with its downside. While you still have to get a vehicle into play, it’s a cheap way to get its die off more than once. You don’t want to carelessly play this card though. Its strength is playing it with a die that has no blanks…say the Ghost or the Falcon (AW49)? I feel this card is quite strong, now will it see play though? I hope so.

Joe –  Love the idea of the card, it will see play in vehicle decks but only on the safe bets like Ghost or the Falcon.

Rally Aid (EW096)

Jason – This definitely is interesting, and can be played at the right time to get a vehicle out cheaper.  Perhaps this can combo with a card that reduces event costs in order to make it more resource efficient, otherwise its cost and base effect is a wash.

Alex – Yeah this is great, no doubts there. You’ll want to set up for it of course, but I feel like this will allow more 1-cost removals to enter the meta again.

David – A hand full of vehicles will love this support. Getting this into play early could potentially allow a deck to gain enough benefit from it. But it is far from reliable unless you are down to a single card in your hand when you use the support.

Amanda – This card reminds me of It Binds All Things (AW150) and I think this card is going to follow that same path. I am sure it will see some play and maybe be decent in some situations, but I don’t see it being a crutch for a deck as it could be.

Joe – May see a lot of play in vehicle decks (are vehicles decks actually going to be a thing now? ) But I think the effect is too random to play otherwise.

Shield Generator (EW097)

Jason – Here is an Ammo Belt (SR141) for supports.  This leads me to believe that more support removal is coming in this set, and you will want a way to protect them.

Alex – This depends totally on your local meta – but the fact that it costs 1 and is this situational makes me cringe a little. What is it with Hero supports and costing 1 for second-rate effects?

David – A situational card with situational value. If your deck really needs a certain support to function, this might be a necessity. It is always nice to have these cards available if you find your decks needs them but it isn’t likely a card that people will get excited about.

Amanda – This is what we call a meta-dependent card. If you are not playing in a meta where support destruction is popular, then this card has no added effect outside of discarding to reroll. I like that it prevents destruction, but I don’t think it will see play. Very cool, but is not impactful.

Joe – I agree with the others, if support removal becomes common this card will see a lot of play. Otherwise, it won’t be used that much.

Fall Back (EW120)

Jason – This is a very devastating reset switch that can come into play in the late game, and certainly allows someone running a support heavy deck to gain an advantage.

Alex – Hah, speaking of the QuadBow deck, this card is beastly with it! Get resources and devastate 9/10 of the current metadecks by having them wasted their resources. In Multiplayer, this might be even stronger – but that’s how it is for many of these.

David – I really like this card and its potential to level the playing field. As Jason mentioned, a deck heavy with supports would be hurt less by this one, and there are plenty of decks that rely heavily on the upgrades they play. The cost feels right for what this does.

Amanda – Finally a “board wipe” card. While it is expensive and is only for Upgrades only, this is something that we need to be apart of this game to keep some decks in check. Both sides will have access to it, which is needed.

Joe – Well this is will be fun, just when someone thinks they have you beat, you throw this down and boom! I think you will see this is support decks, and in decks with characters who have great dice like Vader (AW10) and Aurra Sing (SR18) who would be less hurt by lack of upgrades late game.

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