The Chance Cube Reacts – Empire At War!

The hype train has taken off from the station once again, as Fantasy Flight Games has given us a sneak peek at Empire at War, their latest expansion set for Star Wars: Destiny. While the discussion about this announcement and these cards are heating up, we are taking a moment to share our initial reactions to the news and the card previews.


Amanda – Holy cow! I did not expect this today. To be honest, Destiny has been a little lax and I’ve been itching for some news about the next. FFG delivered. My only hope is that they can follow through and keep the hype train going at a good pace. This is why I love CCGs.

Alex – It’s finally here! I had called Mace and Ezra, so happy to not have been disappointed! Furthermore, the game seems to be evolving towards making more characters playable in general, with the addition of a 17 point Villain and a 10 point Hero, a new wonderful world opens up to us! Ready and able, for the Empire at War!



Jim – Knowledge, flexibility, and tactics. I think this captures Thrawn perfectly. A little pricey, but still fits a lot of decks at his single-die cost.

Amanda – At first glance this card to me seems a little underwhelming for the character; however, the more I think on it, the more I like it. His effect has NO drawback other than a whiff. If you pair him with cards that look at your opponent’s hand such as Probe, he becomes much stronger. I don’t know if you would want to run him Elite, but his single die is well worth the cost.

Alex – Plutt/Thrawn!!!!! Finally, a mono focused control deck, that will NOT have to include damage Dice. Take AIM and fire, let the hand milling commence! Also, what’s really interesting, is that at 14 points for 1, his ability is really really cheap – compared to the other 14-1 Villains.



Jim – A free resource if you control the battlefield. Might be decent as a filler card, or to get those First Order TIE Fighters (AW6) out more consistently.

Amanda – I do like this card, however I find it to be a bit more restrictive than Logistics (AW142). Perfect for your quick-claim decks and decks that don’t have resources sides for Logistics. I’ll have to wait and see.


Amanda – This is almost a better Lockdown (SR63). It is more flexible than the Villain’s only version due to being neutral, so this card I would say will see more play. Also, it is important to note that you are claiming it, so you can you the claim effect and you will go first next round. ePoe/eMaz just got scarier. You can no longer claim early to prevent that Special and/or Planetary Uprising (SR97) damage.

Alex – The fact that it claims is what makes this an improvement to the current game – because that means you get the Effect again. In a Poe deck, this means more Throne Room (AW167) fodder, in Vader/FN, it leads to damage! A certain inclusion.


Amanda – Again, I do like this card, however I wonder if it will be used. Natural Talent (AW108) doesn’t see any play, so I don’t expect for this to see any either. Having said that, it is free, and free is good. It would go great in certain decks, but you’ll have to consider if it’s worth the space.


Jim – I’m digging the possibility of an eLuke/Ezra deck, just to get Fast Hands (SR150) onto Luke (AW35). This also opens up 5-dice teams, with eEzra, eMaz, and one other cheap character like a Padawan (AW36) or a Jedi Acolyte (SR34) for the Blue cards.

Amanda – 5-Dice start for Heroes are here! I thought this might be the case when Maz was first announced, however this confirms it. The question is, is it worth it? At first glance I would say no, however sometimes what a character brings to the table via it’s color access is more important than the card itself. Not to mention his cheap cost allows for him to be put with more expensive characters for that 4 dice start, such as Luke or Obi-Wan (SR37). I am surprised he is Yellow, I thought for sure he would have been Blue. I would also like to point out that his artwork is way better than the LCG’s (way to go FFG). That special is dirty, I love it.

Alex – What makes this card good is it’s ability to hold blues… One With The Force (AW42) on this guy, get it out early, rule the Galaxy. Aside from that, he is very consistent with A LOT of Black sides for his 7 points (Looking at you First Order Stormtrooper (AW2). Also, Ezra/Luke, get money for Master early, keep smashing with Luke.


Amanda – My least favorite card shown. Yes you are paying 1 to remove two of your choice, but you are giving up your claim action and all other future actions for that round. It may be worth it in some decks, but personally I don’t know if I would run this. Having said that there may be some combo with a battlefield where you can claim and then play this. Wait and see.

Alex – Finally! An Aggro removal card that shows that new cards don’t have to be better – but maybe just alternatives to the existing.



Jim – Mace with Master of the Council. That is all.

Amanda – The Champ is Here!!! The one, the only, Mace Windu is here and he is NOT one to be messed with. Luke looks like a noob against this power house. I expect him to see a lot of play. He is worth being the most expensive (at this time) Hero card in the game and to be the one to put Blue Hero more on the map. Love Love Love the art.

Alex – A partner for Mace, to reach his Ace… I’m thinking Ezra, but that wouldn’t compliment him enough. Maz maybe? The speed would be real, and could potentially leave the heroes with a proper alternative to Vader/Raidering. Loving his effect with the Master upgrade – but a Vibroknife (SR57) even more so deadly because of it’s early plays. Mace/Padawan might be the best way to go, as that could defeat a 10 Hp char in one turn (4melee Mace, Vibroknife +2, Padawan 2 + Mace ability). Doesn’t seem too unlikely.


Amanda – An expensive die, but one that is really really strong. This card fits Mace. This is the first Upgrade card with the sub-category of Title. I hope to see more cards with it.

Alex – Best upgrade since Sith Holocron (AW16). Getting another roll on a character is beastly, and used to require downright exhausting or defeating your other character – no more. And what did you say – you can Cunning this? So I’m back to Windu/Maz looking at this, for 12 damage x2 each turn. Damn!



Amanda – Chopper is shown to be coming, which is not a big surprised. I am excited to see what this cat-like droid will bring.


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