Episode XXXVI: The Women of Worlds

Jason, Amanda, and Kim discuss all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze Aurra Sing (SR18), and talk talk to some of the ladies who attended World’s 2017!  We also award this week’s giveaway, and kick off next week’s!

So stick with us, and don’t leave your Destiny to chance…


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1 Comment

  1. MattT

    Lo ChanceCube,

    I think you sold Aurra a little short, although it´s great that you didn´t focus on some poster boy like Poe! She´s far from bland and combo less. E.g Salvo is just made for her and paired with Veers she can get out Slave 1 T1 and then Veers can happily turn that Range 4 or Special side up every turn. All nasty stuff.

    Thanks for a great show and keep up the good work.



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