Product Review: Acrylic Tokens by Curled Paw Creatives

After scouring the internet, searching for nice-looking tokens at a reasonable price, I came across these beautiful tokens made by Curled Paw Creatives on Etsy. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and of great quality, but they are, by far, one of the most reasonably priced token sets.

Quality 5/5:

First, let me talk about quality. If I’m being honest here, I haven’t had them for long, so I cannot speak of the longevity of these tokens, but from a preliminary inspection and using them at a few tournaments, I can tell you that these are solid and the paint on them doesn’t feel like it will come off with regular use. The cutting job is amazing, and very detailed, there were not any bits and pieces mis-cut and the acrylic is a very nice thickness, which to me means that the life of these will be quite long.

Aesthetics 5/5:

The aesthetics are what brought me in and ultimately made it an easy purchase. The damage tokens have these wonderful little cutouts on them making them really unique and not just basic and round. The colour of the acrylic is vibrant and the white paint used on them makes the numbers pop, even when placed on top of a character card.

Token Options 4/5:

They have many different options to choose from to suit every need. They have Fate Token Sets that include damage, shield, and resource tokens available starting at $12 USD. Each Fate Token Set includes 5x 1-Damage, 3x 3-Damage, 2x 5-Damage, 6x Resource, and 10x Large Shield or 3x Segmented Shield tokens.

If you have a preference for the X-Wing Shield Tokens mentioned later on, you can message the seller through Etsy and request those instead of the Large Shield Tokens or the Segmented Shield Tokens in the Fate Token Set.

However, I had already won two sets of the acrylic resource tokens from the Q1 kits so I wasn’t in need of any of those.

Damage Tokens 5/5:

My only want was damage and shield Tokens. When I saw their page, I just fell in love with their Damage Tokens. Very stylish and available in 3 distinct colours so that the damage can be easily distinguished from one another. You can have the option of having the 1-Damage tokens the same colour as the 3-Damage tokens, but having the 1-Damage tokens in a different colour was exactly what I wanted.

Each set of Damage Tokens came with 5x 1-Damage, 3x 3-Damage, and 2x 5-Damage tokens. While probably enough if you do a little shuffling around, I felt that with the potential use of Backup Muscle (AW99), and characters taking upwards of 15 damage each, that I should probably just buy two sets of the Damage Tokens. Each set of damage tokens sell for $6.50 USD. So with two sets of tokens in my cart, I was off to find some shield tokens.

Shield Tokens 5/5:

At first, I thought their only option for shield tokens was the large Segmented Shield Tokens that came apart in 3 different pieces. While beautiful looking, there were plenty of reports of them confusing players because the small segments assembled to create one large shield, which at a quick glance could look like that character only had one shield on them. These are available starting at $4.50 USD.

As another option for shield tokens, they offered Large Shield Tokens in the same shape as the ones that come apart in 3 pieces. I wasn’t quite happy with their look personally, though many do love them, it’s really a matter of taste. These are available starting at $4 USD.

But I kept searching for the perfect shield token and I spotted some beautiful round X-Wing tokens that were perfect to use as shields. Each set of X-Wing Shield Tokens are available starting at $3.50 USD for 5. Knowing that I could have up to 4 characters with 3 shields each, I decided to go two sets of shield tokens as well.

Resource Tokens 3/5:

You can also purchased the traditional-style Resource Tokens starting at $4 USD. As an alternative to the traditional resource tokens, you can purchase these beautiful Illicit Tokens for $3.50 USD.


All in all, I spent $20 USD on 10x 1-Damage, 6x 3-Damage, 4x 5-Damage and 10x Shield tokens plus shipping, which is just a phenomenal deal, especially for the quality and aesthetic.

I’d also just like to give a HUGE shout out to Andrew Nuckols, owner of Curled Paw Creatives. He was so patient with us during our ordering process, accommodating small changes we wanting to make, like swapping out certain tokens for other tokens, and ensuring that the colour choice was correct for the damage tokens. I would recommend buying from him without hesitation. Thanks again for the wonderful product! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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