The Chance Cube Open – Recap

Wow! The Chance Cube Open brought more excitement then we could have imagined.  We loved bringing this event to Worlds and thank everyone who attended and supported us! The final game came down to the last health point for the last character on each side! It was a nail biter until the very end. It was a tight competition, with five of the top eight going 4-1 overall.

Our Top 8

1st Place – Jonathan Magnuson –  ePoe/eRey (5-0)

2nd Place – Bowie Sessions – Bala/Nightsister/First Order Stormtrooper/First Order Stormtrooper (4-1)

3rd Place – Matt Davey – ePhasma/Bala/First Order Stormtrooper (4-1)

4th Place – Andoni Abril – eKylo/Vader (4-1)

5th Place – Will Klein – eVader/Raider (4-1)

6th Place – Brian Herold – Bala/Nightsister/First Order Stormtrooper/First Order Stormtrooper (4-1)

7th Place – Chris Dubois – Poe/eLeia (3-2)

8th Place – Brian Lindberg – ePoe/eRey (3-2)
Ultimately, Jonathan Magnuson walked away as the Champion of The Chance Cube Open with his ePoe/eRey deck. He went 5-0 in the tournament with this pairing and did an amazing job of turning that last game around in his favor! Runner-up Bowie Sessions went 4-1 with his Bala/Nightsister/Trooper/Trooper deck. If you missed the action in the live stream, you can still watch the matches from Table 1 on our Facebook page. At our Padawan level, Marcus Latto took home the trophy with his eVeers/Bala/Nightsister deck. We want to extend a special thank you to Andy Hornby for his great coverage of the matches and interviewing the players afterwards.

We had a very interesting breakdown of decks make an appearance at the tournament. Everyone is still making predictions on what pairing is going to walk away the Champion of Worlds. Was The Chance Cube Open a premonition of what we can see at the winner circle?

The Meta

The meta for the tournament was as follows:

5 – ePoe/eRay

5 – eVader/Raider

3 – ePhasma/Bala/First Order Stormtrooper

3 – Bala/Nightsister/First Order Stormtrooper/First Order Stormtrooper

2 – eJabba/eDooku

2 – eHan/eRey

1 – Poe/Leia

1 – Jabba/Bala/Dooku

1 – eBala/First Order Stormtrooper/Jango

1 – eGrievious/Kylo

1 – eKylo/Vader

1 – eRey/eQuigon

1 – eJango/eVeers

1 –eVeers/Bala/Nightsister

Q&A With Lukas Litzsinger

The Chance Cube Open wasn’t the only highlight of our day! We had the opportunity host a special live Q&A with lead co-designer of Star Wars: Destiny, Lukas Litzsinger!  If you happened to miss the live stream of this event you can check it out on our Facebook page.  Questions were submitted through our Patreon group as well as individuals in attendance at the event and watching on the live stream. They ranged from clarification on Second Chance and Ammo belt (per Lukas, “they work”), all the way to “how does Lukas always pull off flannel so well?” We appreciate all of you that submitted questions even though we couldn’t get to all of them. Lukas hung out and participated in The Chance Cube Open! Pssst… he was playing ePoe/eRey. The lucky participant that dealt Lukas his first loss was awarded with a booster pack of SoR from him.

So much to cover and so much excitement and Worlds didn’t even start until today! We hope to make The Chance Cube Open a yearly tradition, so start planning now so that we can see you next year!

Best of luck to everyone competing today as other Star Wars games and side events get underway. Stay tuned to The Chance Cube for additional coverage!

Oh… and one small other item to mention. Spirit of Rebellion is available TOMORROW!!!!! What a week to be a Star Wars: Destiny fan!

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