Star Wars Celebration: The Fantasy Flight Panel

At 6:00 pm on day two of Star Wars Celebration, Fantasy Flight Games gave us a panel discussing news and updates. Here is what they had to say about Star Wars and Star Wars: Destiny.

Telling a Story

The presentation started out with a video discussing the involvement of Star Wars in gaming, which is all about story and interacting with the Star Wars characters, ships, and stories that we love. Storytelling is at the top of this video and shows the focus that Fantasy Flight has with this brand on storytelling and theming. They really want to “handle the universe with care and represent it accurately.”

The panel itself is hosted by Lucasfilm’s social media manager, which is great to see the interaction between that company and Fantasy Flight Games. They are looking at Star Wars as a whole across all of their games and how they capture the feel of this story telling universe that we all love.

How do they balance keeping Star Wars canon? In any game, there is usually elements of canon, while also giving you options. Brian from Lucasfilm speaks a bit about his role as the person who has to “shepherd the story” for Fantasy Flight Games, making sure the game feels Star Wars. He works for marketing, but his role feels like an extension of the Story Group just as much as it is a brand ambassador for Star Wars marketing.

The Future of Destiny

Sabine Wren, the face of the next Destiny set, “Empire at War.”

Star Wars: Destiny was a phenomenal launch for Fantasy Flight Games, and they printed more of Destiny at launch than anything they ever had.  They were pleasantly surprised by how positive the response has been and are excited about its growth.  Why is this such a big hit?  Lukas Litzinger mentions how this is the first time they have journeyed into the entire Star Wars universe.  Parents can play with their kids and has been a blast.

Surprise guest, Tiya Sircar (voice of Sabine Wren), enters the room to announce that Sabine Wren is the cover character for Set 3, named Empire at War!  This is a legendary card previewed from this set that we can all look forward to!

All of our favorite characters will be in this game at some point, including Lando, the Inquisitor, etc. Maybe not soon, but eventually, and could be seen on upgrades and supports. Cassian Andor was also teased to come up sometime in the future.

Then there was a question and answer session. Related to Destiny, Lukas Litzinger said that Jango is not his favorite character, and that we won’t see him be as prominent as more and more characters come out. Also, that they look a lot a the character combinations, and if you see a combination of 31 points, it’s likely that those characters were determined to be too strong to be paired together.

A lucky recipient of a Sabine promo, signed by Tiya Sircar!

All in all, a cool presentation with some neat teases for the future.  It is wonderful to see them reaching out at a fan convention instead of your typical gaming convention. What a great place to announce the name of the next set as well as its cover character! They ended the panel with some raffles, where, among other things, gave away Kylo and Rey Starters, two full boxes of Awakenings, and one box of Spirit of Rebellion, as well as some prints of Sabine Wren (no dice). Thank you Fantasy Flight Games!

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