Card Dissection: Gaffi Stick (AW25)

Hi everyone! Today in this card dissection, we will be discussing the good and bad of every Tusken Raiders’ favorite weapon the Gaffi Stick (AW25).

The gaderffi, or gaffi stick, is the traditional melee weapon of the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine. It is a polearm usually adorned with a spike or blade on one side and a blunt object on the other. Lets look at what makes this card great!

The cost of this card is 2 credits, which is a fair price for this card with what it can do even with its downfalls. It gives you good bang for your buck, and is a great addition in a Vader-Raider deck.

Die Sides:
1: 2 Melee for 1 resource – A fair bit of damage that can squeak out the last bit to kill off that pesky Jango, but hurts if you are needing money for another upgrade or die control.

2:+2 Melee – Wonderful for your Vader or Raider to give that extra little pop. Sadly without any other melee sides it is worthless as Villains lack an awakening.

3:1 disrupt – A pretty bland side, and feels almost not needed as I think a shield would have been a better fit on this die.

4:1 resource – Another standard side that is seen on quite a few dice.

5:Special! – This is the piece de resistance of this die! The ability – Remove one of your dice showing melee damage to deal 3 damage to a character. This is wonderful for your Tusken who just rolled that 1 melee side. Just give your opponent a surprise and just pop that bad boy to 3 damage, or if you roll your 3 melee for 1 credit. Nope now it is a free 3 damage.

6:Blank – This side makes people sad.

Redeploy. (After its character is defeated, move this card.) This is great as well if you are using this on a Vader or Tusken who gets killed. Whoever lives can take up the mantle to bring honor to the Tusken name and adds more value to the card.

Right now there are only a few decks that this card will see play in with the current meta. The main one being Vader-Raider, and followed by Dooku-Jabba in my opinion. Though, when this card hits the field, expect your opponent to not know what storm this will be bringing with it as they feel safe only to suddenly meet with the special of the Gaffi Stick. I feel this card helps with a lot of the +melee sides that Villains have access to right now via upgrades with On the Hunt, Promotion, and others.

I will have to say, this card has helped me win quite a few games for a cheap upgrade to have. Along with its value of being great for a override card into Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber or Mind Probe. I believe that this card should see a little action in most decks that are running a Tusken Raider, and some decks that need that little boost in the melee front such as with Kylo or Dooku.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to be talking with you all again soon for another Card Dissection!

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