PRODUCT REVIEW: Saga Tokens (Team Covenant)

Thanks to our friends over at Team Covenant, we are able to bring you a review of their custom Star Wars: Destiny accessory product: Saga Tokens. Spoiler Alert: we love them!

Team Covenant has spent some great time and effort in creating a set of high quality tokens for Star Wars: Destiny, replacing or supplementing the shield, damage, and resource tokens that are needed to play the game.

img_0834img_0832SHIELD TOKENS

A stark departure from the clone trooper helmet design that comes from the game, these shield tokens are beautiful, and remind you more of the energy field that would surround a character or vehicle in the galaxy instead of the trooper who is protecting your character.  The beautiful blue color of these tokens stick with the existing color scheme of the shield tokens, making them easy to distinguish without having to constantly remind your opponent what they are.

img_0831 img_0829


These counters are straight and to the point.  The nice feature is that they are double sided, so that they can easily convert from a one point to a three point damage without having to substitute out three tokens for one.  Overall, this means you have less tokens to keep up with and can easily keep your board clean.  The color is also similar enough to the damage counters that come with the game that they are easily identified for what they are.

My only challenge with these tokens is their translucent nature.  The shield tokens are also translucent, but the design is busy enough that the back side does not show through. As you can see in these photos, the opposite number shows through easily which may be a deterrent for some.  Ultimately, I do not think it is too much of a challenge and I would still recommend these over the included counters in the starter decks.

img_0827 img_0825


This design is very interesting for resource tokens.  On one side we have an image that looks like a card (like a credit card?) and the opposite has a very cool “Star Wars-ian” design.  Littered across both sides is the familiar four squares of the resource symbol. The elongated rectangle shape is reminiscent of a credit chip within the Star Wars universe, continuing to carry on the galactic theming throughout these tokens.

They are solid white, and a bit larger in size compared to the other two, which I find is a good choice given that resources are perhaps the most active token in this game.  They make them easy to grab and spot.  Though they are not yellow in color like the ones in the starter deck that is not necessary given their position on the board and overall function.



When shipped, these tokens come with a  protective cover as you can see pictured. While the exercise of removing this covering may be a slight annoyance, they ensure that they arrive in pristine condition at your home.

You can also see the size of these tokens compared to a US Quarter, so you understand just how little space they take up in your deck box.

Overall, these tokens are a recommended addition to anyone’s Star Wars: Destiny game and are a marked improvement over the included tokens that come with the starter decks.  Only time will tell what Fantasy Flight Games may produce as a tournament prize to compliment this game, but for now, these tokens rise to the top of the crop as far as a way to improve the overall look and feel of your game.

These tokens are sold individually or as a set:

12x Damage tokens, 6x Shield tokens, and 6x Resource tokens. BEST DEAL!

6X Damage tokens

3X Resource tokens

6X Shield tokens







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