Card Dissection: Scout (AW33)

Hello and welcome to today’s card analysis. We’ll be tackling one of the lately revealed cards, from the Military Might, and that is Scout (AW33).

Scout is a Red hero upgrade/ability card, which comes with a die. It costs 1 resource and has a special ability that says “Look at an opponent’s hand and discard the cheapest card from it (you choose in the case of a tie).” It die’s faces are: 1 focus, 2 disrupt for 1 resource, 1 resource, 2 special symbol sides and one blank. So, why is this card so great (I believe it is)? Let’s find out.

Awakenings 33 - Scout

First thing, it only costs you 1 resource and it comes with a die. That’s already a great value, as dice are really important in Destiny. It’s an upgrade that you can attach to any of your characters as it’s not restricted in that regard. The die’s sides are in fact quiet nice. They’re very “controly”, which is not that common amongst Red cards (that we’ve seen so far). There are also 2 special symbol sides, which makes using the card’s ability pretty reliable. The card is cheap, so if you’re lucky, you can play it turn one and the ability will probably be helpful to you for the entirety of the game. If not, you can always swap it with something else, for the reduced cost. But you really shouldn’t. So let’s tackle the card’s ability and see why it is so great.

So you get to see entire opponent’s hand. Woah! Every single card in their hand, you get to see them. That’s already great edge over your opponent, as they can’t surprise you with anything. If they don’t draw any new cards that turn, you’re basically set. You know what’s coming and you can adapt to that. Or else, your opponent will be forced to come up with some really convoluted way to play their turn. But that’s just one of the abilities. You also get to discard their cheapest card. Were they holding that sweet, sweet Sith Holocron (AW16)? Now their not. They have some cheap event that would disrupt most of your damage? Not anymore. In Destiny, resources are really tight and few and far between, so most of the cards your opponent will be holding will be between 0 to 2 cost, maybe sometimes 3 and more, but not usually. What that means is, most of the time you’ll have an ability to choose, from few cards, which will be discarded. That way, you can eliminate their biggest treat for their particular type of deck.

Looking at all of that, has this card any cons? Not really. You’ll obviously sometimes roll a blank or one of the least desirable sides for that particular moment. Or maybe it will take that needed upgrade slot from your character, on which you would like to put something else. But apart from that, it looks like Red Hero players have something really great here to consider during deckbuilding. I’ll definitely give it a try.

But what do you think about Scout? Will you use it in your deck? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next time!

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