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The Top Cut Meta (Regional Edition: 12/11/2017)

We added three more regionals this last weekend that we know of across the world.  Join us as we take a quick look at the breakdown of decks that have made the top cut, and what that ratio looks like at each of the different levels of cut. For event by event reporting, check out our Regional Champions Page and check out our last Top Cut Meta report for comparison here.

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First Impressions of Yellow Card Spoilers

Fantasy Flight Games released an article spoiling some of the yellow cards that will be released in Legacies, the next set of Star Wars: Destiny — you can see it here.  I have never been known to be succinct, but in my best effort to be eloquently brief, here are my short first impressions on the cards that were spoiled in this article.

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Card Dissection: Jar Jar Binks (LG47)

A long time ago, somewhere on Earth, George Lucas himself sat crafting what would be known as the Prequel Trilogy, with such hits as The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith (don’t even get me started on sand). But not only did we get new movies, but new characters including the dearly beloved (please note the sarcasm), Jar Jar Binks (LG47). The Gungan, the myth, the legend, was recently announced in the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny –Legacies set.

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